Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunny Days and Open Windows

The weather is finally nice enough for me to open the windows in order to paint them!  Yes!  I've spent most of my day cleaning and priming them.  Hopefully, the rain will stay away tomorrow so that I can actually paint them.  I had to wait for Jim to come home to prime one of the windows because I couldn't get the top sash to budge.  He was able to manhandle it, so it opens easily now...until I paint it
The molding is finally up after a few false starts.  Here are some pics of it.

I also took some pics of the flowers starting to bloom in the yard.  It will be interesting throughout the year to see what is actually growing in the yard.

The weather was so nice today that I ate both breakfast and lunch out on the deck and listened to the birds chirping.
Once I finish the windows, we can caulk around some of the gaps in the molding, and then I should hopefully be able to move my stuff into the room.  I say hopefully because it seems something always pops up to delay finishing the room.    I've decided to use the curtains that were originally in the mudroom for my craft least for now.  I should have my craft room in order by the time of Kristi's bridal shower later this month that I'm hosting at the house.  Kind of funny I'm hosting a bridal shower here before we have our house warming party, but we wanted to wait until the weather is warmer.  We'd like to have people be able to enjoy the deck and yard for the house warming.  We've decided on mid-June for the party.  I'm not going to start planning it though until after the bridal shower.  Hopefully no one will bring house warming presents to the shower.  ^_^*  If they want to give a gift, they can wait until the actual house warming...not that we're expecting gifts.  I just don't want to have the confusion of bridal shower and house warming gifts mixed together on the same day.
Jim wants to get a cat after our house warming.  I'm all for that.  When I ask him what kind of cat he wants, all he says is, "A green one."  Lol.  Maybe within a year or so, I can get a dog.  I have my heart set on a Samoyed.  ^_^

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