Spirit Watcher

We're not sure yet if we have any lingering ghostly house guests, but we'll keep you posted of any interesting activity or experiences that we have here.  You can be the judge.

04/26/2012:  10:00 pm.  I was downstairs working on my computer when I heard Jim upstairs through the baby monitor.  He was making a little noise and then whistled an unfamiliar tune.  The baby stirred, and I wondered why the heck Jim was disturbing the baby's sleep.  A couple minutes later, I go into Jim's office and see Jim.  I ask him how the baby was and why he whistled when he went to check on her.  He tells me that he has been in his office the whole time and did not check on the baby.  I ask him if he at least whistled. His reply?  "No!"  Wait...What?!  I know I distinctly heard someone whistling a tune and it disturbed the baby enough to wake her (fortunately, she went back to sleep pretty quickly).   I know we aren't picking up interference.  Our baby monitor has DECT technology which prevents such happenings.  I know I didn't whistle.  I know the baby can't whistle.  If Jim didn't whistle (which he swears by), then who or what did?

03/28/2012:  9:00 pm.  Jim and I were talking at the bottom of the stairs tonight when we were interrupted by  popping bubble noises.  It took me a couple seconds to realize that it was Avonlea's travel swing in the upstairs hallway.  The swing only makes that noise if the trigger is pulled.  Avonlea was upstairs in her crib sleeping, so there was no one else here that could trigger the swing.  It only made the noise once.  I also heard more mysterious thumping noises today.

03/22/2011: Nothing really has been happening the past couple months since the baby's arrival, except for some mysterious loud thumps upstairs.  They will usually happen in the middle of the day.  I'll be downstairs and hear a loud noise from upstairs.  It usually sounds like either something crashed to the floor or a door or a window slammed shut.  I'll go investigate, but find nothing out of the ordinary.

07/21/2011: 9:00am.  I woke up this morning in my sun-filled bedroom.  When I stood up at the side of my bed, a most strange thing happened.  The closed bedroom door slowly opened.  I don't think it was just a coincidence and that the weight of my body on the floorboards triggered the door to open.  The door has a tendency to get stuck in this heat, and you have to put some force into opening it up.  I heard the noise of the door becoming unstuck from the frame when it opened.  Also, it didn't just open an inch or two.  It opened almost all the way.  I stared at it for a moment and then said, "Thank you!".  LOL!  What a way to start the day.  :)  This has never happened before.

07/19/2011:  ~3:00 am.  Jim isn't sure if this was a dream or if it really happened.  It was a dark and stormy night (It was dark, duh, because it was night; and it actually was quite stormy).  :)  Anyways, Jim reports that he woke up around 3am and had an uneasy feeling.  He looked over at me and saw me soundly sleeping on my back (doh!).  Then he noticed something quite creepy.  He says that when he looked at me more closely, he saw a woman's face looking at my baby bump.  She seemed to be kneeling beside the bed on my side and was just staring at me.  He says she might have been saying something to the baby, but he isn't sure.  When Jim noticed her, she looked at him and stood up.  He can only describe her as having long bushy hair.  Bushy as in 80's style big hair.  After she stood up, Jim isn't sure if she glided backwards and then disappeared, or if she just stood there and slowly went transparent.  He was undecided what to do, but in the end, decided to just go back to sleep.  I'm actually hoping this was just a dream that Jim had.  It is a little too creepy for me to think that a ghost was right by me staring at me and my baby while I slept on obliviously.

01/05/2011:  6:05 pm.  I was cleaning my craftroom today and listening to the radio.   While in the process of organizing the cabinet that my stereo sits on top of, the volume on my stereo starts increasing out of the blue.  I tried turning the volume down, but the volume kept wanting to increase.  I even turned the radio off and then turned it back on (as if I was rebooting a computer.  lol)  When I turned it back on, I still had to battle the radio to stop blasting the music.  I had not touched my stereo for at least an hour prior to this, so it is not like the button was stuck.  My stereo has never done this before.  The radio suddenly stopped freaking out once the current song was over.  What was the song?  It was Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust".  Hmmm...should I be worried?  lol.  ~Amanda

11/2/2010: The microwave turned itself on today while Amanda was at the other end of the kitchen.  It only lasted a second or two and then stopped.

10/11/2010: Jim and I were having dinner in the dining room when our conversation was interrupted by a very audible creaking.  It sounded like a squeaky door opening.  (You know, the sound you usually hear in scary parts of movies when the killer or ghost is slowly opening the door and the hinges creak?  That was the sound we heard.)  It was so out of place and sounded so near that I stopped mid-sentence.  It only lasted about 3 seconds.  After we looked at each for a couple of moments, Jim went to investigate.  He was able to reproduce the sound from our entryway closet, but what caused the door to move?  It hasn't done that on its own before.  We've been living here a couple months now.  I would think we would know by now if a door has a tendency to move on its own because of settling or such.

10/09/2010: Jim and I are currently in the process of remodeling 2 of our bedrooms upstairs which has resulted in 2 huge piles of lath from the plaster walls we knocked down.  We decided to start a bonfire to get rid of some of the lath.  While I was tending to the fire, Jim had gone back inside to shopvac the leftover mess in the bedrooms.  It was starting to get dark when we started the fire.  The lath burned really well, and I had to constantly feed the fire.  Our firepit is towards the back of our property, but I still had a good view of our house.  As I fed the fire, I would occasionally look up at the house.  I could see the light on upstairs, but the rest of the house was dark.  At about 9pm, I looked back up at the house and noticed that my craft room light was on.  My craft room looks out onto the backyard and is almost directly below the bedrooms upstairs.  The light stayed on for about a minute, then turned back off.  While it was on, I did not see any movement in the room, but decided it was because of the distance.  I figured that Jim needed something like scissors and didn't really give it much thought.  Later that evening, I remembered the incident and asked Jim what he had been looking for.  He gave me a puzzled look and said that he stayed upstairs the whole time and never went into my craftroom.  He swears it.  Jim's first thought was that an intruder had come inside while we were both occupied.  We searched the entire house, but found nobody hiding, nor anything missing.  I know I saw my craftroom light on; I am not mistaken about that.  Someone or something had turned it on while I was outback and Jim was upstairs...

08/30/2010: I think we have a ghost cat.  I'll be in bed when I feel something jump up onto the foot of the bed and then slowly walk up towards the head of the bed. When I sit up to see what is there, I find nothing.  This has happened quite a few times to me now.  I once felt something lift the edge of the sheet by my feet as if to crawl under it.  Jim has even commented once that he thought he heard a cat walking behind him on the pergo floor in my craft room.  Hmmmm....I wonder if I should name it?  It will be interesting once we get pets to see if they have any reactions.

08/13/2010: I'm sorry to report that nothing really out of the ordinary has happened in the past few months.  Since spiritual activity sometimes increases during remodeling, maybe we'll start to experience things again once we start working upstairs.

03/02/2010:  Amanda was downstairs in the kitchen watching the birds at her new bird feeder when she distinctly heard running footsteps coming from the 2nd floor.  She went upstairs to investigate but found nothing.  Since she was up there already, she used the upstairs bathroom.  While in there, she heard footsteps going past the door and down the hallway.  When she came out of the bathroom, no one was there.  She called out "Hello, is anyone here?" but there was no reply.  The footsteps seemed too heavy to be made by any possible animal on the roof or attic, and the footsteps seemed to be coming from inside the house.  This all happened around 2pm today.

02/23/2010: Since the locksmith came out today to change all the locks on the doors, Amanda had to let Jim into the house after he returned from work. She was busy putting a second coat of paint on the walls of the craft room when she heard the doorbell.  Amanda looked out the window to see that Jim had arrived home, and after ringing the doorbell, he went to scope out the new garage door lock.  Since she was in the middle of painting a wall, Amanda went to open the door for Jim and then quickly returned to painting.  No sooner had she started painting again, Jim rang the doorbell a second time and called her on the her cell.  Thinking all this was overkill (especially since the door was open) Amanda became frustrated and yelled out to Jim to just come inside.  Not understanding why Amanda was upset at him, Jim came to investigate.  It turns out that Jim only rang the doorbell once.  The first doorbell ring that Amanda had heard was not Jim; he had not approached the house before looking at the garage door.  Was a ghost trying to be helpful and rang the doorbell to alert Amanda of Jim's arrival, or was Amanda just hearing things?...coincidentally a doorbell the moment Jim arrived home without a key...

02/10/2010:  Amanda was upstairs cleaning a hall closet when she noticed a small hand-print on the window next to the closet.  Amanda placed her hand on the cold window to compare prints, but hers was too big to match the first.  Believer: A ghostly child placed its hand on the window; Skeptic: The hand-print was from a grandchild of the previous owner and didn't get cleaned off.

02/02/2010: Amanda was alone at the house doing laundry in the cellar when she heard what sounded like the back door opening and slamming shut and then 2 heavy footsteps.  When she went up to investigate, no one was there.  Believer:  A ghostly owner returning home; Skeptic: Furnace or pipes making noise.


  1. Thanks! I thought some people might find it interesting. ^_^

  2. Awesome Post (3/2/2010)
    All are good, but enjoyed this quite a lot...Keep them coming.

  3. Hey Amanda--

    These old houses are pretty bizarre. We lived in an 1850s farm house for a year and the house would routinely lock ME out (not Chris, just me). It was bad enough that I had to carry the house key with me constantly! Good luck with all the projects...

  4. Oh no! lol. So far Jim has been the only one to get locked out, and it was his own fault. Fortunately, the doorbell woke me up, or he would have been stuck outside for quite awhile.

  5. Maybe the ghost cat is lonely and just wants some attention. Lol if you want it to leave you alone just buy a cheapie kitty bed and leave it on the bedroom floor. Well at least the ghost cat hasnt tried to trip you down the stairs yet, as most cats are really good at that. Better a ghost cat than a barking ghost dog.

  6. I love your blog!!!
    I still wanna see pictures of the old clothes!!

  7. Maybe once we get a cat, the ghost cat and living cat can play with each other. lol.
    @Marian: Thanks! I'll try to post the clothing pics this week. We just saved the little girl's dress and the lingerie for pics. The clothing doesn't look super old. Maybe from the 60's...

  8. Creepyyyy! My boyfriend would love to come out there...he wants to hear a ghost so bad lol

  9. Haha! So far we haven't heard any disembodied voices yet, but I'll let everyone know if I do. :)

  10. Jim and Amanda,
    First off, what great blog and webpage. Second, A belated happy birthday Amanda. Anyway, given your homes age, you may have a little paranormal activity. As the above post suggest, it is not uncommon during remodeling of an old home to encounter this. Keep me posted if things start to get out of hand (items falling, louder noises, glasses breaking ect.). Although usually these cases subside or remain harmless. Pay attention to the Feng Shui of the remodeling as well. Very important! I will bring my guide book over for you to borrow if you like. I would also be happy to come over and do a Taoist spirit cleansing of the house. Congrats on what soon will be your one year anniversary there! Let Mary and I know if you need anything.
    Sincerely, Nieghbor Dave

  11. Thanks, Dave! I would love to take a look at your Feng Shui book. Dropping it off in the evening sometime this week would be best. We'll probably take you up on your offer for a Taoist spirit cleansing if the activity increases. Right now, it just seems to be sporadic harmless stuff. :)

  12. Wow!! The only bizzare thing that has happened to me is that the mini blinds on my dining-room window have came off and landed clear across the room onto the floor on two different occasions. Can't explain it. The window is screwed shut. The last time it happened was at 3:00am while I was sleeping. Scared me half to death.

  13. Oooo! Cool! So far, we haven't had anything fly across a room.

  14. ah, nice. Someone opened the snug closet door for you. I think you must have gentle, curious spirits . . .

  15. Very interesting you had visits all of a sudden a few months ago. Please do post new info if anyone else is seen or if something else happens.

    From my experiences, visits are someone coming with news. Did you have any major news within a couple months after? Hmmmm.... your baby was born. I wonder if there is a connection there. An old relative wishing you the best perhaps?