Friday, May 4, 2012

Update but not Really

I'm just updating the blog to let you know that there is nothing really to report.  Jim has been making slow but steady progress on the innards for the 2 bedroom closets.  Nothing really picture worthy though.  I'm eager to take the "After" pictures of the nursery for the "Before and After" Page, but I'm waiting until the closets are finished.
Jim has also found me a new video editing program, so you might see some videos on this blog soon. Then we could really give you a tour of our home.  LOL!
I've decided that Fridays are my blog update days, so I am going to try to work on one or both of the blogs every Friday and see how that works.  I've learned that I need to actually schedule myself to get anything done around here.  I've tried it for 2 weeks now and my productivity has improved immensely.  I'm so pumped!
The weekend is almost upon us, so hopefully that means I'll have something to report to you guys next Friday that is actually blog worthy.  Now I need to hop on over to Bloggle Baby  to work on updating that blog.  I have tons of updates for that one.  Hmmm...wonder why.  LOL!