About Our Home

Our home was built in 1870, which makes it 141 yrs old as of 2011.  It is a big, beautiful blue farmhouse in the country.  It is just shy of 2500 sq ft with a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths.  Unfortunately, a lot of the original character seems to have been removed by previous owners.  We've decided to make it our mission to revitalize this amazing home to some of its former glory.  We are new to the realms of homeownership and renovating and restoration, so we thought we'd share our blue century home experience with you.

We would love to include the history of our home in this section eventually.  Unfortunately, our local Historical Society has been out of commission since we moved in.  Once they are up and running again, Amanda will eagerly dig into their files.

For now, here is a photograph that we discovered amongst the insulation in our attic.