Monday, March 5, 2012


On one of the few snowy days we had in February, Jim went outside and snapped these pictures.

From our mailbox

From our back deck

The Snowball Bush

The Pine Tree in the back that Jim wants to one day run electricity out to so we can decorate it for Christmas.

From the end of the driveway


The nursery, stairs, and upstairs hallway were carpeted just before Christmas.  The Guest Room's carpet wasn't ready until just before the new year.
But, before the carpeting could be installed on the stairs, the old carpeting had to be torn out...

Looking Down

Looking Up green and salmon pink

 Ahhh!  Much better!

What a difference!

It is really coming along nicely.

Looking towards Guest Room

Standing in front of Guest Room doorway

It doesn't look like the same upstairs anymore!

Close-up of the hall and stairway carpeting

Hall Closet
 We used some leftover Pergo flooring from my Craft Room

With the trim added

As soon as the carpet installers left, I went upstairs and rolled on the nursery floor.  LOL!

Guest Room

It's About Time for an Update!

I'm finally able to update!  Yea!  I apologize for taking so long.  Jim has been working on a post about his newel posts, but he is taking forever with it, so I'm going to go ahead and post some pictures of the installation.  

The Shoe Rail

1/2 Newel Post Up with 1 Side of Balustrade

Coming Along

We don't have blueprints for the house; so instead, we placed a blue note and a 2011 nickel in the newel post.

Almost Finished!

Looking Good!

Happy Birthday to me!

The upstairs hallway is probably starting to look more like it used to prior to the 1960's.
Jim will hopefully finish his post about the installation one of these days.