Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Acorn Question!

I hope you're not tired of looking at flowers, because I've taken some more pics of them.  There seems to be quite a variety in the yard. 
First up are some pics of my tulips.

Next are my Bleeding Hearts, Burning Bush (not its real name), and violets.

Here is a better pic of my little yellow flowers as well as a chickadee at my feeder.

The first pic is my flower bed in full bloom in time for the bridal shower.  The second pic is the view of our house from the back yard.

I've finally managed to take some pics of the huge tree that we'd like to have removed.  Now that the leaves are out, I can more easily identify it; and I believe it is a Silver Maple.  All the research I've done advises not planting silver maples by buildings and septic systems since the branches are easily broken and the root system is shallow and can invade septic lines and foundations.  Great!  This tree is near our house and the septic.  All the more reason to have it removed.  As you can see from the pics, this tree is easily twice as tall as our 2 story house.

I think the base of the tree looks like it has a face.
Oh, speaking of trees, does anyone know what I should do about the abundance of acorns scattered on the ground around an oak tree in our yard?  I've raked them up and they have completely filled an 8 cu ft wheelbarrow.  But now what?

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