Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Deere

Recently we ordered a lawn mower to cope with all our green grass. We spent some time researching and reviewing our options before deciding on a John Deere LA115 lawn tractor. While it is a more expensive option, it is a quality machine that should be able to do anything we ask of it. I am excited to spend a few hours on a pleasant day with our new tool. Although, I have lost my best excuse to dodge my lawn care responsibilities.
We were excited when our new tractor was delivered earlier this week. Although, after some inspection we discovered that both 'new' blades were heavily corroded. Yesterday we spent some time on the phone, mostly with customer service robots, then talked with a helpful clerk. He advised us to remove the blades and bring them back to the store for an exchange. It took about 45 minutes and several choice swear words to loosen the rotor nuts with my short crescent wrench.  We had no troubles at the store, and we picked up a long ratcheting combination wrench for reassembly. Once the new new blades are attached we will be able to move on to the next unexpected complication. Regardless, I'm looking forward to wearing a green cap with a yellow stag emblem.

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