Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hedges? What Hedges?

Woo!  Last week, my MIL and I tackled the hedges on the west side of the house.  These hedges were very overgrown.  I don't think they'd seen a hedge clipper in years...if ever!  They were so tall, you couldn't see out the lower sash of any of the first floor windows on that side of the house.  We could never tell who was pulling into the driveway.  
Here are some before pictures of the hedges from inside and outside the house.

As you can see, they were even taller than me!

It took us all morning and afternoon, but we finally managed to cut them down to size.  Afterwards, I felt like I had trimmed the hedges of many a small village.  ^_^*
Of course, they are mere shadows of their former selves.  Most of the green growth was on the top (which we cut off), and most of the middle and back were just dead branches.
Anyways, this is the result of our hard work.

Yea, we can now see the driveway and our Narnia light!

Wow, we have a side door?! 

They are looking  a bit sad right now.  We may end up just tearing them all out and putting something else in their place.  Speaking of something sad, while we were trimming, we came across a robin nest with eggs.  We tried moving it to the lilac bush nearby, but the momma bird never returned.

Here is the nest with the pretty blue eggs.

We created a huge brush pile in the back yard with all the trimmings from the hedges.  It is huge!  The first pic doesn't give you good proportion, so I had Jim stand in front of it so you can see just how big it truly is.

Well, that is all the stuff I have for now.  Sorry it took me so long to post any updates.  I've been quite busy with planning Kristi's shower, but now that is over.  I will post some pics of it soon.  

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