Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm floored!

After remaining in its boxes for 2 weeks, my craft room flooring is installed!!!  We finally had all the tools, the time, and nice enough weather to install the floating floor.  I even got a chance to cut with the miter saw myself.

It took us all weekend to lay down Pergo for the 12x14 room, but it looks great!

Here is a pic of us just starting the floor on Saturday.

The flooring wasn't too difficult to install; the trickiest part was around the closet doorway.  We only goofed up three times...all on the same board.  The first time we messed up, Jim cut a corner on the wrong side.  We tried using the piece a second time in a different spot, but Jim cut it too short.  The final time we screwed up, we needed a very thin piece for an edge, but we cut it too thin.  lol.  Atleast we only wasted one plank.  ^_^*

Here is a pic of Jim 1/2 way through the install, and towards the end.  Jim is pondering the easiest way to do the closet doors in the last pic.

Tomorrow, we plan to nail in the baseboards and mount the heat registers.  After that, I can start to move in my stuff.  I'm very excited.  This room seems like it has taken us more than the 2 months to complete.  I still need to paint the window sills, but that will have to wait until the weather is a little warmer and drier.  

Now, if we could only get the door to submit to our will.  It wasn't as perfect a match as we had once thought.  It will still fit, but we need to move the hinges a little.  You can see the bottom of the door in the first pic of this post chill'n in Jim's office.

I've sucked up quite a few of our uninvited house guests (lady bugs) with my vacuum cleaner and evicted them outdoors.  The number indoors is finally starting to dwindle.  Yea!  

I saw a shirt the other day that made me laugh.  I wanted to buy it for Jim to wear while doing yardwork.  It was a pic of a guy mowing the lawn with the words: "I wish my lawn was emo so that it would cut itself."  I laughed so hard when I saw it.

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