Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mitering Away the Day

Yesterday, my dad brought his miter saw and helped us get molding from Lowe's.  Thanks, Dad!  Jim read the manual last night, and started mitering the baseboards today.  In fact, he is finishing up the mitering as I type this. We also went back to Lowe's today (we'll all be on a first name basis soon  ^_^*) and ordered the flooring for the craft room.  In the end, I decided on Pergo Premium Laminate Flooring; it ended up being cheaper than carpeting.  I really love the look of darker colored woods for flooring, but none of them seemed to go well with my blue walls, so I actually decided on a lighter flooring called Old Magnolia.  It has a yellowish hue that looks lovely against the cool tones of the blue.  I promised myself that I could get a darker toned wood for the kitchen, dining room, and library when the time comes to tackle those rooms.  They told us we'd have to wait about 2 weeks for the flooring to come in, and then let the flooring acclimate to the room for another 3 days before we install it.  So close, and yet so far!!!
Jim told me about the silver dollar sized black spiders he saw in the cellar when he was cleaning up down there, so while we were out today, we bought a spider trap.  Spiders typically freak me out big time.  Well, basically anything with more than 6 legs kind of makes me nervous, but spiders especially creep me out.  I'll let you guys know if we catch anything.

Here is a pic of Jim having fun with the miter saw:
And yes, that is our kitchen table.

Tomorrow, I plan on painting the trim around the closet and door.  I want to paint the windows as well, but that will have to wait until the weather warms up just a smidge.  The door on the craft room isn't the greatest looks-wise (just a solid plank of wood), but it is perfectly functional.  I was secretly hoping I could eventually replace the door in the future, but there is so much other stuff that has priority right now.  Well, we did a little hunting around in the garage today, and we found an unused 6 panel door hiding behind a huge plank of wood!  Jim took some measurements and it looks like the door will fit the craft room with only a little adjustment.  Score!

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