Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Progress

The craft room remodel has basically come to a halt thanks to all this snow we've been having.  Both our parents were going to come out last weekend to help us out, but a big snow storm hit the area and they had to cancel.  Neither Jim's nor my vehicle is good for hauling things, so we were going to take advantage of our parents' van or SUV to pick up molding from Lowe's.  The snow thwarted our plans however.  We were also going to borrow my dad's miter saw to cut the molding into the appropriate sizes, but that didn't happen either obviously.  The weather forecast for this weekend is supposed to be sunny, so hopefully our parents will be available this weekend.  Once we get the molding up, we can get the flooring installed, and then I can start moving stuff into that room!  Yes!
In other news, we discovered there was an ominous red blinking light on our furnace last week.  We had a furnace guy come out and inspect the furnace.  He changed the filters, but otherwise gave our furnace a clean bill of health.  We'll have the central air checked out this summer.  I'm not sure how often we'll end up using the air conditioner though.  I'm a freeze baby, so I tend to get too cold when air conditioners are used.  I prefer the old-fashioned method of opening windows.
I went to the local library last week to see if I could dig up any information on the history of our home.  I was told that they don't have the resources, and that I should check with either the local historical society or the main county library.  I found that a little odd...the local library not having information about the town's history?  I felt as astonished as Hermione when she was looking for books on horcruxes and couldn't find anything at the Hogwarts library.  I called the curator of the historical society, but she wasn't much help at the moment either.  It turns out that the historical society had to move to a new location because the local fire department wanted to use their former location for fire practice.  Most of their stuff is currently in storage and they won't be able to move to their new location until August.  August!  She said she'd look through some of the boxes to see what she could find, but I won't keep my hopes up.  I guess this means a trip to the main county library for me.

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