Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Spring!

It feels so nice to have the windows open and feel the spring breeze blow in as I sit at my computer in my craft room.  I really like how the room turned out.  The blues and whites give this room a calm, serene feel.  I've started to move my craft stuff into the room; the only furniture I have in it so far though is my craft desk and my writing desk.
Jim and I will have to buy a riding lawn mower soon.  Dad recommends Troybilt, anyone else have an opinion?  We figured we would wait to buy a mower until we see our neighbors mowing their lawns...which could be any day now.  ^_^
I saw the neighbor on our right tending to her flower beds yesterday.  lol, I wonder what she thinks of mine.  I haven't done anything to them so far except take pictures.  I'm waiting for my MIL to visit so that she can give me advice and help sort out weeds from flowers.  Speaking of flower pics, I took a few more yesterday since I saw new ones blooming.  I'm not sure what any of them are except for the daffodils.  If you know, leave me a comment in this post.

Yellow and White Flowers
(It doesn't show up too well in the pics, but the first flowers have a peach color center and the second pic has more of a bright orange center.)

Purple and Pink Flowers

Plants and Shrubs

Well, I should be getting back to organizing my craft room.  The next room to get a makeover will be Jim's currently very pink and feminine office.  It will be quite a disaster area during the bridal shower later this month I'm sure.

*Edit: Uh Oh!  I hear a lawn mower!  I guess we'll be lawn mower shopping this weekend!*


  1. The first three are different types of daffodils.

    Grape hyacinth, I don't know

    forsythia, may apples (a wild flower), and I don't know.

    We have a Husquavarna lawn mower. Aunt Carol

  2. Look in a flower book. I think the ones by the grape hyacinth are a type of hyacinth too. The third one in the first row I don't think is a daffodil but not sure what it is. Hope that helps! Good luck with your John Deere!
    Aunt Carol