Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hooray for New Septic Systems!

The long awaited day has finally arrived, the ground breaking of our new septic system.  :)  They came on Friday, July 1st, and were able to accomplish everything in 1 day!  They arrived at 9am and left by 3pm.  I was amazed.  We half expected them to run into complications and would need to up the price from the quote, but everything seemed to go quite smoothly.  Yea!  We took plenty of pictures for everyone to see.
Our Yard Before July 1st

The Back Yard

The Side Yard

The Front Yard

Our Yard During the Installation

Groundbreaking and rerouting the septic


The new system arrives!

Putting the new system into place

Make way!

Those are some big piles of dirt!

Don't fall in!

What was left of our septic tank (left) and our leach well (right)

Well, now we know where the underground pipes for the downspouts, footers, and, water-softener are located for sure.

Phase 1 complete!  Phase 1=destroy our yard

Checking out our yard while we wait for Phase 2 to begin

Haha!  How many of you can  boast that you've posed with your septic system?  LOL!

Quick!  Throw some of the old junk/rubble (that the previous owners left behind the garage) into the old leach well pit before the septic guys come back!

Phase 2 starts!  Smooth out that yard!

The After-Shots

The Back Yard

The Side and Front Yard

Now we wait 3 months or so for them to come back and regrade the yard since the system will settle about a foot.  Wait...3 months...that is when the baby is due!  Oh boy!  We will probably be hiring professionals next spring to come and reseed our yard since it is such a big area.  Wonder how much that will cost...
Speaking of cost, you are probably wondering how much this lovely septic package has cost us.  Well, I can tell you since I just wrote out the check today.  
The grand total is $7,625.00.  
Not exactly what we wanted to spend our money on when expecting a baby and in the middle of a major home restoration/remodel, but we kind of had no choice.  A working septic system is crucial. 
Now we just have to pray that sewer won't come down our street for 5 years or more so we can get our money's worth out of this ordeal.  We would be totally screwed over if a sewer system did come through sooner because homeowners are forced to hook up to sewer. We had no choice; however, since our old septic system had completely and utterly failed.

I would like to take this opportunity to promote the 2 companies that we worked with during this whole fiasco of an experience.  Both companies were friendly, professional, and accommodating to our needs.

All Town and Country Septic Tank Service: This is the company that pumped our old system on a weekly basis since the start of our septic woes.  The owner even started to give us a discount because of how often we needed pumping.

Summit Excavating:  This is the company that installed our new Hydro-Action aeration septic system.  They were great to work with, are members of the BBB, and have an A+ rating.

If you are interested in the type of system we installed, you can check it out on this website:

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