Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hate Squirrels!!!

OK, not really.  I am quite annoyed with them at the moment though.  I do have to admire their persistence and intelligence; however, do they have to use their evil genius for destruction?  I guess that is what evil genius is for though.  Hmmmm....

You're probably wondering what the squirrels have done now.  Well, they have figured out yet another way around the supposedly "squirrel-proof" feeder...
They've started to eat it!!!!  
That's right, folks.  They've started to eat the plastic to get to the seed inside.  Of course, I didn't notice this little fact until I tried filling the feeder and all the the seed I was putting into it started pouring out.  It made a mess of the deck.  I'm sure any mice and birds were rejoicing.  Hurrrumph!

The Photographic Evidence

The feeder in normal non-activated mode
 Notice the hole behind the perch and metal leaf

Feeder in squirrel activated mode
 The metal leaf blocks the bird port, so the squirrels ate the plastic under the port.  Now they have even more access to the seed when they are robbing the feeder.

Jim's Solution:
Cover the squirrel-made holes with metal.  Gnaw through that you stupid squirrels!  LOL!
I'm sure they'll find another way to get the seed.  Squirrels are resourceful!  They always find a way to get what they want.  ;)

I think my next feeder will be a "squirrel-proof" one made of metal and glass.
I hope something like that actually exists...

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