Tuesday, May 3, 2011

$ down the drain (literally) :(

Our septic situation has not improved, and all this rain hasn't helped.  This is what has happened so far:

Thurs April 21st: We had the septic pumped since both the tank and leach well were completely full.  They charged us $240 to pump ~2100 gal out.
Tues April 26th: We had the septic pumped again since it was once again completely full.  We were charged $270 to pump ~3200 gal out.  I started researching septic excavators and installers since it appears our septic system was shot.  Ground water is obviously getting into our system somehow and filling up our tank and well.  The first one I called said he could come out right away to take a look at it.  He confirmed that it has failed and we basically need a new one.  (Crap!)  He told us the next step was to fill out a Site and Soil Application with the Dept of Health, and they will come out and tell us what kind of systems we can and can't have.  Of course, the application cost $160.
Wed April 27th: I go downtown and personally turn in the application in hopes that this would speed the process up a little.
Mon May 2nd: Once again, the septic needs pumping.  They charge us $210 to remove ~3200 gal.  Fortunately, the owner of our septic company sympathizes with our situation and is giving us a discount.

We are still waiting to hear about our application.  I hope this inspector comes out soon, since it seems we need to have our system completely pumped about once a week.  This is ridiculous!  Our system should only need pumped once every 2 years, not once a week!  This makes me want to cry.  I'm surprised my pregnancy hormones aren't taking over and leaving me in a puddle of tears.

To top it off, our town has finally decided that a sewer system would be a good idea and has started installing them this past year.  Unfortunately, we will probably be one of the last areas in town to get sewer available at the street.  We will probably get a new septic system (which is very expensive by the way) and in a few years will have sewer available.  We were hoping that our septic would last until the sewers came through.  Nope!  That wasn't our fate.  :'( 
This stupid, relentless rain isn't helping us.  It just means our system fills up even faster.  I just checked our forecast and it is supposed to rain 6 out of the next 10 days.  I just want to scream!!!
Hmmm...virtual screaming isn't as therapeutic as actually screaming.

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