Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to Amanda's Botanical Gardens!

The first set of spring flowers are starting to fade, but no fear, the encore is about to begin!

My peacock is swimming in a sea of Forget Me Nots.
 (Try not to notice the weeds.)  ^_^*

The late blooming purple tulips

 I love the blue in there!

Summer Snowflakes
I'm not sure why they are called this since they are no longer blooming in summer. 

Some kind of white flower.

More Daffodils

Hot Pink Azaleas
 Hmmm....Azalea would make an interesting name for a girl.  ^_^*

Blooms from a tree in the front yard

Blooms from a tree in the backyard

I've saved the best for purple lilacs.
 Purple lilacs are my favorite flower.
 They are so pretty
 and smell so good.
 I wish they bloomed for longer than a week.

Now for the adorable.  I was in Jim's office when I heard a peeping from outside.  I looked out the window to see this!
 A fat fluffy baby robin sitting on our air conditioner
 I hope it didn't poop while it was on there.  LOL!
 This baby robin does not look amused.

The only pic I've been able to take of the goldfinch.
They are very chipper birds.

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