Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wait! Is that snow?!

Oh, no.  It's just the dandelion fluff blowing around in the wind since we haven't been able to mow our lawn.  It's gotten ridiculous.  You can't even see the birds bopping around in the grass because it is so tall!  The rain has pretty much been relentless.  On the rare sunny day, we've had other things we needed to do.  *Sigh*  It is supposed to be sunny on Friday.  Maybe we'll be able to mow it then.

This rain isn't helping our septic either.  We've been needing to pump the tank and well at least once a week.  We have made some marginal progress though.  We finally heard back from the county health inspector.  When 2 weeks passed and we hadn't heard back from him, Jim called him.  Apparently, he had our application confused with someone else's.  Grrrr!!!!  He has determined that the only feasible septic system for us would be a type that discharges off lot into the road storm drain.  Because of this, we have to apply to the Ohio EPA for a special permit.  This of course means more $ and another 2 week wait.  The inspector did give us the go-a-head to get quotes from various septic contractors/excavators.  I've managed to find 3 in the area that have "A" ratings from the BBB.  All 3 have come out to the house, but we are still waiting for the final quote before we make our decision.  Each contractor had a different opinion on the type of system to use.  The first one says to go with Pump A.  The second one says to stay away from Pump A and go with Pump B.  The third one says we don't even need a pump and can just use a gravity system.  *Sigh*  Great!  How can you all have such high ratings from BBB, and differ so much on your recommendations?!  Once the last quote comes in, I'll need to sit in front of the computer and research it myself.  By the time this is all over, I'll be the Queen of Septic Knowledge...not exactly a title I'd like to have.  LOL!

In home remodeling news, Jim has started the demolition in the upstairs hallway.  Poor fellow had to do it by himself.  He didn't want me to help since I'm now in my 2nd trimester.  It has taken him 2 full weekends to complete most of the demo.  
He started out by knocking down the plaster on the ceiling and walls.

Looking down the hall when you first turn the corner from the stairs.
 (That is the doorway to the bonus room on the left.)

Opposite end of hall.
 (The Bonus Room doorway is now on the right.)

Looking down the hall towards the Guest Room.
 (The hole in the ceiling is the current attic access.)

Opposite view now looking towards the Nursery on the left and the Balcony doorway straight ahead.

The hallway is basically "L" shaped.

Once the plaster was removed, Jim started removing the hallway lath boards.  I put the pic views in the same order as the plaster removal ones for ya.

Can you tell it is dusty up there?

Bonus Room doorway on the right

Looking towards Guest Room

Once again, our attic is exposed.  At least the weather is warmer this time.

Now for something totally different!  Instead of demolition, I've put the final touch on something...
The Family Room curtains!  Yea!
 We finally put up the curtain hold-backs now that the warmer weather has arrived.  The hold-backs match the finials on the front curtain rods.  Sorry the picture is so dark, but it is difficult to take pictures of a window.  :)  Please ignore the Graco infant car seat in the bottom right corner.

Jim took this picture of me while I was making dinner.  I believe we had meatball subs that night.
Did you notice the face on the teapot?  You might have to click on the pic to see it larger.

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