Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crappy News...Literally.

We've been having a problem with our toilets.  It started out that they were more finicky to flush.  After about a week of this, the sinks started to gurgle every time you flushed.  Then 2 days ago, the bathrooms and basement started to smell.  Great, just in time for the holiday weekend!  Fortunately, the septic guys were able to come out for an inspection today.  When we told them what was happening and that we had just had our tank and leach well pumped last year, they initially thought that we had a clog somewhere in the line or trap.  Well, the inspector guy came and it didn't take him 5 minutes to diagnose the problem.  Both our septic tank and leach well were completely full!  He showed them to me, and they were both full to the brim!  When he asked me if we had city sewer available at the street (we don't), I knew it was going to be really bad news.  He told us that it looks like our leach well has failed.
Craptastic!  :(
He told us that we needed to get the tank and well pumped now, but that that would only be a temporary solution.   He called the pumping truck and they arrived about a half hour later.  The charge was $240 total for the pumping.  He is going to look into county records to see if their is anything about our septic system on file so that they can recommend a solution for us.  If we don't hear back from them in about a week, we are to call them.  They told us that they can give us some referrals of companies that could do the work of replacing/repairing our current system.
It looks like we might not be paving our driveway this year as planned.  I don't know if we could do both expensive projects in the same year...especially with a baby on the way too.
On the bright side, our toilets are flushing nicely again, the sinks are no longer gurgling, and the smell is already much better.

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