Monday, April 18, 2011

Drywall Speedsters

This past Saturday, my MIL and FIL came over once more to help with drywall.  I was amazed how much they accomplished.  The nursery and guest room are now completely drywalled!  We still have to mud it and such, but all the drywall is up except for the trim around the windows.  Once again, I was relegated to photographer, cook, and water girl.  :)

1/2 the Guest Room Ceiling Complete

Jim Taking Measurements for the Smoke Alarm in the Guest Room

Drywall Coming Through!

Sealing off the Nursery and Guest Room from Each Other

Jim and I tried to take panoramic shots of the rooms, but we haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. ^_^*

Panoramic Views of the Nursery
 This photo was taken from the wall opposite the door and next to the window on that wall.

This photo was taken from the same wall as the door, but in the opposite corner.

Panoramic Views of the Guest Room
 This photo was taken from the doorway.

This one was taken from the opposite diagonal corner.

Next on the agenda will be prepping the upstairs hallway for demo.

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