Saturday, December 18, 2010

I never knew ceiling fans could be so epic!

I was looking at ceiling fans online to buy for the nursery and guest room when I came across this piece of pure awesome...
 Above: Sterling Walnut   Below: Belcaro Walnut
They are called Minka Aire F502 42" Traditional Gyro Ceiling Fans.
Of course, they are SUPER expensive, and we can't afford them.  However, if we could, we would get them for the library.  Somehow, I think the Victorians would have loved these fans.  ;)

In other news, we passed our rough electrical inspection.  We only need to make a few minor changes before the final one.  This means that we could theoretically start to insulate the walls this weekend.  That, however, won't be happening because this weekend is also my birthday.  Yea, me!

How is everybody doing with their Christmas shopping?  We still have to get a few more gifts.  I asked Jim what he wanted in his stocking, and he said carpenter pencils and outlet insulators.  lol.  

Oh, if anyone is looking into buying fans or lighting.  Check out Lowe's online this weekend.  They are having a sale for 30% off most fans and lighting.  The promo code is DIMWATT.  *Sigh* We still wouldn't be able to afford those awesome gyro fans if they were 30% off.  ;P

I'm hoping the weather holds out this weekend. There is a tour of a Victorian house that I want to go to on Sunday.  Each room has a Christmas display sponsored by a different business.  My interest in going though is purely to see the architecture of the house.  I hope the Christmas displays don't get in my way.  Haha!

Wow!  Either the wind is making a very creepy howling sound right now, or the coyotes are back.

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