Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby, It's cold outside!

We've had quite a snowstorm yesterday and today.  When I returned home from a doctor's appt, I discovered a huge snowdrift blocking access to our garage.  I was able to shovel my way through it and park the car, but I was pretty cold by the time I finished.  Jim's work even closed early today, so he was home earlier than usual.  This gave him time to work on the stairwell lighting.  I think I hear him finishing up...
Yep, I just checked.
Yea!  This means we can finally call the electrical inspector!  Once he gives his OK, we can start to insulate and install drywall!  Hallelujah!  The upstairs is frickin' freezing right now!  I am so looking forward to having walls back up in the nursery and guest room.  Right now, the warmest room in the house is my craft room.  The vents for it are right off one of the main trunks of the furnace.  I've been spending a lot of my time in here the past 2 days with the weather the way it is.  We're hoping we can schedule an inspection before the inspector's go on holiday break.  This way, we can work on putting up the walls while Jim is on vacation.

I have some more bird pics for you.  They looked so pitifully cold that I couldn't resist.

Poor little guys!  They look so cold!
 They had to fight against the wind to get to the feeder.

My fluffy Joco Juncos
 These pics don't show their full cuteness adequately.

Even the mourning doves and blackbirds are coming to the feeder now.

Fluffed up Titmouse and Cardinal

I lucked out and this blue jay came to the feeder while I was eating breakfast.
 The blue jays and cardinals really stand out against the snow.

This black squirrel was rooting around in the snow for fallen seeds.
I might be about to jinx myself, but the squirrels seem to not try to go on the feeder least when I'm watching.  ^_^*

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