Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Look at those colors!

Once all of the wall spaces and cleilings were freshly primed, we formed color-teams to fill them in. Amanda worked hard to find the perfect colors for the rooms. After a few weekends of painting, and with my parents' help, our project spaces are looking more finished than ever.

We have a charming nursary in light Sage Green, which will eventually be decorated with songbird theme.

Also, We have a comfortable Lilac Time purple/grey/blue guest room, where you may stay when you visit. This photo also shows the custom windowsill we built. The windowsills are designed to be an easy transition between the window caseing and the baseboards, as the large windows are so low to the floor.

The interconnecting hall is in traditional Lyndhurst Timber, and will look remarkable with the stained wooden handrail and built-in shelf.


  1. oh thanks for posting. I love to visit and see your progress but realize how busy you all with working and a new baby. Keep up the good work! Post when you can.

  2. Thanks, Nance! We've tried splitting up the blogging duties. I update the baby blog, and Jim updates the house blog. Unfortunately, Jim has never been much of a blogger, so I might have to take over the majority of the house blogging again soon.

  3. What a remarkable job you are doing on your home. I love the sage green for the nursery. I bet it is relaxing to the eyes especially at night with the overhead light on. Very well done.

  4. Thank you! I wanted to make sure our nursery was a calm and relaxing color. I hope to update this blog sometime this month, so you can see the progress we've made. The trim work is completed in the bedrooms now.