Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trees, Bushes, and Plants, Oh my!

Here is another picture post for you.  I hope people are actually enjoying all these pics.

First up is my wild strawberries.  They may be small, but their taste sure packs a punch.  I'm surprised my commune of chipmunks haven't eaten them all up yet.
Maybe there will still be some good ones for my party guests to enjoy.

Here are some grapes and possibly plum or some type of berry?
They are just babies though.

Here is a pic of my ash tree.  Also, I think my squirrel crop is coming in nicely, don't you agree?  Almost ready for picking.
This ash tree is one of my favorites on the lot.  It is a late bloomer though, so we first thought that it was dead.  I'm so happy that it wasn't.  I call it my miko tree.

After some consideration, we decided to get rid of the hedges on the side of the house entirely.  We have cut them down, and now only small stumps remain.  I'll eventually put some type of colorful flower in their place.
The pic on the right is my toadstool garden.  I hope no smurfs were living there because Jim mowed them down shortly after this pic was taken.

Maple trees are quite tenacious.  Entire forests want to grow in our gutters and lawn.

Here is a pic of Jim attempting to tame our wild forsythia bush.
He still has a long way to go, but we won't be able to get to it until sometime next week.

Here is a pic of Jim also trying to reign in the wild raspberry bushes that have taken over the grapevine.  How am I supposed to pick grapes later if they are guarded by raspberry thorns?
Believe it or not, there is a grapevine in that first pic.

That's all the plant gossip for now.

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