Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Housewarming #1

Our first housewarming was a success!  We had invited people to come either Saturday (with bonfire) or Sunday.  Just about everybody came on Sunday.  lol.  I guess they weren't interested in burning stuff and eating smores.  Oh well, maybe another time.  We had adequate parking; only one person had to park behind the garage.  We also had plenty of food, and Jim did a good job grilling the hamburgers and hotdogs.
Here are pics of Jim playing croquet and grilling (not at the same time).
I like to call the first pic, "The Men of Croquet".  Do you like Jim's grilling uniform?

There was also a nice breeze blowing to cool our guests for most of the party.  We had a tent/gazebo set up for food, and we were able to use the picnic table I worked so hard on to fix up.  I was given a lot of compliments on the table.
Here are some views of the party scene

We also had a volleyball/ badminton net ( I always thought it was badmitten.  lol.) set up in the back, but I don't think anyone played.  I think I ran out of plates near the end, but people just used napkins.  We had plenty of fresh fruit left over (including an entire watermelon), so we've been eating a lot of fruit ever since.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the house tours.  I laughed when my cousin Missy informed her brother that she booked the next tour for them.

Our guests also enjoyed watching the squirrels and chipmunks.  I don't know if the black squirrels made any appearances on Sunday, but here are some pics of the grey squirrels.
The last pic is of one trying to chew through the metal of the squirrel-proof cage

I know a few of the chipmunks crashed the party as well.
It is sticking its tongue out at me in the first pic.  : P

Also, here are some pics of a moth, a new flower, and some birds.

I have been trying to get better pictures of my cardinals, but they are such divas and fly away as soon as I bring out the camera.  I'll get you my pretties!

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