Friday, August 13, 2010

Tree Removal (Finally!)

Hooray!  I have finally photo-shopped some of the tree removal photos!  I managed to get through Day 1.  I will keep working to get through Day 2.  There are a lot of pictures.  They are mostly pics taken by my MIL since I only had my camera phone to use.  You'll probably have to click on the pics so you can see them better.  This tree was a silver maple estimated to be between 100-150 yr old.  It had a circumference of 14 feet.  It was easily twice as tall as our house.  4 out of 5 arborists recommended removing it because it showed signs of rot in the base and was right next to our house and garage.  Silver maples are also known for their weak wood and the carpenter ants' fondness for them.  It had to go.  It was deemed a hazardous tree, and I wasn't about to risk it falling on our house, our garage, or our neighbor's house.

James and myself in front of the tree

Davey Tree Service arrives.
The guy I'm talking to in the last pic is the arborist who was the tree consultant for the White House.


Close ups.
I had just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed the day before, so I was trying to take it easy.

Loading the logs onto the truck
Ride 'em cowboy!

Watch out below!

The Chipper
I wouldn't want to mess around with this thing!  It'd eat you for breakfast.

Using the crane

Cutting a large branch

Removal of a main branch
View from the front of the house

The last bit of foliage
Bye Bye, Shade!

I bet the tree is feeling a bit naked.

Coming to the end...

Now for the big guys

What was left after Day 1
Have you noticed the clouds getting darker as the afternoon progressed?

The tree looks a little befuddled that we cut it down.
Can you see the face?
When the rains came!

The rest of the pics were from my phone's camera.

Cool action shots of the branches falling.

Taking the final piece off for the day
View from master bedroom

Whew!   Now I have to chug my way through Day 2.

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