Monday, August 30, 2010

Tree Removal (Finally!) Part II

*Sigh*  I'm finally done with the tree removal pictures.  Please, no standing ovations.  :)

Since we had 2 trees removed on the second day, I will start with the smaller tree...a sickly looking red maple.

This tree had a tree swing attached to a dead limb when we first moved in, but we removed the swing before our first housewarming.

They didn't need the crane or bucket truck for this tree.  One guy climbed up and chopped off all the limbs.

Then they cleaned up all the brush.

Then they cut it down.  The middle pic is 2 guys pushing the tree in the direction they want it to fall.

It was interesting to watch the stump grinder in action.
They did a nice job of cleaning up all the debris.

This is the aftermath...very nice and clean.

Now for the big guy...

Since they were working on both trees at the same time, I decided to watch from our 2nd story balcony.
Here, they are working on removing one of the main trunks.

There goes the second main trunk.

Here, they are removing the base.  The last pic is all that was left.

The large sections were moved by crane to this truck.  Too bad the base was rotten in the middle; it would have made for a cool outdoor table.

The clean up.  They used the crane to transport trashcans full of chips to the truck.
They also used a leaf blower to remove the sawdust off our roof and deck.

The view of our house without the silver maple.
The sky really opened up.  We can see even more stars at night now too.

The first pic is all that is left of the silver maple.
The second pic is the view of our house without the 2 trees.

I think we displeased the Lorax.
He looks like he is about to kick that one guy's butt.

When all is said and done, we would definitely recommend Davey Tree Service.  They were very professional, and did a wonderful job cleaning up.  Their rates were also quite reasonable.  We will contact them again when we need to have more tree work done.
You can check them out at their website:
I have some of their business cards too if anyone would like one.
If you do use them, please mention our names; we get $50 off our next service for referrals.  :)


  1. Thanks for the mention Amanda and James. Great photos! We appreciate you choosing Davey.

  2. LOL at the Lorax picture!!!