Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Poem

I wrote this poem for an assignment during my Creative Writing class and thought it seemed appropriate for this blog.  We were still house hunting at the time I wrote this. Yes, I know "ain't" is not a real word; I used it for effect.  Enjoy!
"Grocery List"
New shingles for the roof that needs repair,
Nails to nail down that squeak in the stair,
New paint to put up on the walls
To replace that vile wallpaper down the hall,
New hardwood floors in the house throughout;
This carpeting is atrocious--there ain't no doubt.
New windows, new doors with the energy efficient label,
And while I'm out, might as well get a new kitchen table,
New gutters, new appliances, new lighting, new walkway--
And don't forget the basement filled with mold and decay,
New vinyl, new fencing--Hurry!  Hurry! Don't dawdle!
The kitchen and both bathrooms could use a remodel.
That is all the groceries my house asks for, I think
It wants everything but a new kitchen sink.
The sink is perfect.

lol.  I hope you didn't laugh at it too hard.  ^_^*
Kind of funny that it turned out to be vase shaped.  That was totally unintentional. 

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