Monday, July 5, 2010

Flora & Fauna of Our Backyard

My yard is teeming with butterflies!  I have never seen so many different species of butterflies out in the wild before.  I even saw a bright yellow and black one that was the size of my palm (no joking).  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me and it fluttered away before I could get it.  I have managed though to take pictures of 3 of the butterflies.

The Regal Monarch Butterfly
or maybe he is the Viceroy...not sure which.

A pale yellow and black butterfly
(*Edit* These are Great Spangled Fritillary)

Black and Orange Butterflies
(*Edit* These are Red Admirals.)
They seemed to pose for the camera, unlike the camera-shy Monarch.

While I was taking pictures of the butterflies, this fellow came zooming in.
I've seen him taking a drink at my bee balm flowers.

We now also have a baby bunny that lives somewhere in the front yard.
He is a little tricky to see in the first picture.

More flowers have also bloomed.
First up is a mystery flower and my red bee balm.
(*Edit*  The mystery flowers are phlox.)

Next are my black eyed susans and daisies.

My grapes seem to be coming along, and the butterflies love these white flowers.
(*Edit* The white flowers are goosenecks.)

I keep forgetting what these dark purple/black flowers are called.  I also have some of these reddish-orange lilies. (*Edit* The flowers on the left are hollyhocks.)

The fireflies are also numerous out here.  I love watching the butterflies during the day and the fireflies at night.

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