Thursday, February 18, 2010

No blue blues

My craft room is looking quite bare at the moment.  Repairing the walls has taken longer than I had thought.  I should be doing the final sanding tomorrow (I hope!) and then it will be time to wash the walls with TSP before priming.  I'm hoping the room will be looking blue my Monday.
I've decided I need new heat registers in the craft room since the current ones are ugly and beat-up, but mostly just ugly.  The type of registers in the room are triangular baseboard style.  Unfortunately for me, the Victorian style registers I like are only available in floor and wall registers, not the baseboard type like I have.  Unless I want to have them custom-built and pay lots of money, which I don't.   I am quite flustered and disappointed since it seems the only styles available to me are either the straight louvred or wicker styles...neither of which I like very much.  On the bright-side, the craft room and the full bath upstairs are the only rooms with the baseboard style registers.  The rest of the house either has floor or wall registers.  I guess I'll just have to suck it up and get the wicker style for my craft room and upstairs bath.
Due to all this seemingly unrelenting snow, big icicles had formed on the gutters on the south-side of the house.  Jim and I have theorized that the previous owner, being an older gentleman, didn't clean his gutters and they have become clogged.  We can't investigate this theory just now since it is a bit too cold and icy outside.  In the meantime, we have decided to at least knock down the icicles we can reach.  So yesterday, Jim was leaning out the upstairs bathroom's casement window trying to knock down icicles with a large stick.  It was a bit amusing to watch.  I was happy to see today that a lot of the remaining icicles have melted.  Yea, sun!
Today someone in a red car honked at me and waved as I was getting the mail.  I have no clue who they were;  they probably mistook me for someone else.  Once the weather warms up, Jim and I will probably be getting a new mailbox since our current one was a casualty of a snow plow and is held on the pole by bungee cords.  ^_^*

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  1. Welcome to home ownership! We had to put ours back up this year...we have used bungee cords too!