Sunday, July 1, 2012

Closet storage project - complete!

Whoa, looks like it's been a little while since our last post. Quite honestly though, I've been making very slow progress on a project for our two newly renovated bedrooms. It has been a long time since we drafted the plans and cut the materials in February. Recently though, the closet storage units were assembled and installed. Now each new bedroom closet has a storage solution with three drawers, two adjustable shelves and clothes rods.

Custom closet storage solution (sans clothes rods) in the Nursery.

One or two of the drawers seem to be a little tight in the warm summer weather. A co-worker suggested applying bee's wax to the edges, and I was surprised that the hardware store had a disc of it in stock. I'm thankful that Don suggested this solution, as it saved me some additional sanding and repainting.

Blam! Non-sticking drawers.

We have some other summer-time projects in the queue, so more regular updates should be forthcoming. My apologies for my truant behavior lately; I could say that there hasn't been all together very much to report, but it would be an excuse rather than a reason for my laziness. Anyways, one project down (N = N + 1) projects to go.

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