Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Leaves

The leaves have completely fallen off our ash and black walnut trees, but the other trees are slowly changing their color.  The oaks are being the most stubborn and are still mostly green.  I took a walk out into the yard the other day and took some pictures.  I love this camera!


Oak--I forget if this is the red or white variety

Red Maple--Although our red maple looked more orange to me...

Yellow berried Crabapple?

Red berried Crabapple

Bush turning red in our front yard

Late blooming pink gladiolus

Bird of prey scoping out our yard from the top of our pine tree.

While Jim and his dad were rewiring the upstairs this weekend, I finally switched out my summer clothes for winter.  Jim is going to blog later about what they did over the weekend.  My only contribution was to finish pulling out the nails in the beams and wire one outlet into the receptacle.  I have all the pictures ready for him, so all he needs to do is actually blog about it.  :)

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