Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take a picture, it will last longer

Most of the photos on our blog have been taken with a sony camcorder. The camcorder is only three years old now, but we have recently had some trouble with the device. The touchscreen viewfinder opens on one side and can pivot 270 degrees. This mechanical movment has appearantly loosened some electrical connections inside, and the display is often discolored or distorted. Since this is the only viewfinder display, and menu interface, it has become rather difficult to use.

I was really excited to receive a new camera for my birthday earlier this month. My parents are so great! We now have a shiny new sony cyber-shot camera. There are a ton of neat functions and features that will take some time to explore. With this camera it is difficult to take a bad picture. I expect the quality of the photos on the blog will greatly improve.
I will make another attempt at fixing our camcorder when I have a spare moment or two. It is still a useful tool.

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